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Done creating a perfect clone/replica of https://maklimechanicalsystems.com/

Contest Instructions

We have created a multisite that allows you to demonstrate your WordPress design skill, Elementor Proficiency, and graphic design ability by creating a perfect clone of https://maklimechanicalsystems.com/ (earlier created by Iconic Digital World)


Our Multisite URL for the Contest: https://webdesignsmith.com/

1. Create a New WP Site

a. You can use the “register” button on that page or create your new WP site using this link: https://webdesignsmith.com/wp-signup.php
b. The title of the new site should be your personal names – firstname + lastname (same as the one you used in your application)
c. User Email should also be the same as the email used in your application

2. Change the default theme to “Hello Elementor”

3. Create a perfect clone of https://maklimechanicalsystems.com/ (earlier created by Iconic Digital World using elementor and related plugins) – Homepage only.

*All the required plugins already installed.

4. Delivery: 2- 3 days. You can start immediately

*(Access to the site will be closed by 10th January 2021 – 11:59pm).

5. Work Submission: Submit your work at jobs.iconicdigitalworld.com/webdesign-contest/

The Earlier you finish your work, the better your chance of being selected as the right candidate for the position.
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