Job Description (Web Designer)

Iconic Digital World


Below is the summary of our expectations from a Website Designer at Iconic Digital World

  1. To work on all assigned projects and determine creative layouts for website pages
  2. Strive to always go above the board to achieve the Iconic Slogan — “If it’s normal… then it’s not iconic”.
  3. Responsible for creating websites. This includes sourcing for images, Icons, and other resources to make a Website Design/Development a success.
  4. Besides other responsibilities expected to be executed within reasonable time, we expect a delivery of Complete Website Designs.
  5. Working hour is flexible but every project and/or responsibility must be delivered at the set time/deadline
  6. Working specifically with content management system mainly: WordPress, Shopify and other ones we may decide to work on as a company.
  7. Regular updates/changes to Iconic Digital World owned websites. e.g. Addition of completed projects as portfolio, testimonials and other assigned tasks on the websites.
  8. Taking instructions from the creative director and/or whoever has been assigned by the Creative Director to do so.
  9. Working with the general iconic team/departments for the company’s of Iconic Digital World, LLC., which could include tasks not directly related to Website Design but related to digital solutions.
  10. Regular (weekly) research and submission of creative/innovative ideas on how to make Iconic Digital World, LLC. as a whole better, more effective, efficient and productive.

Salary: Highly Competitive and negotiable depending on the skill you can put on the table

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