Content Writing Contest (Phase 2)

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Content Writing Contest (Phase 2)

Time Remaining:

Time up. Contest Over!

Test Questions

Contest Instructions

Article Rewriting

Download the document above

1. Proofread and Rewrite it to the best of your ability

a. You can use the “register” button on that page or create your new WP site using this link

2. Use Microsoft Word Review Tools to show the changes you have made

3. Above the document, display the best keyword you deem fit and let it have the right density

4. Delivery: 1- 2 days. You can start immediately

*(Access to the site will be closed by 31st January 2021 – 11:59 pm).

5. Have any issues submitting your work? Send an email to [email protected]

The Earlier you finish your work, the better your chance of being selected as the right candidate for the position.
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Contest has officially Closed.

Sorry, all new Job Applications are CLOSED at the moment.
Please check back later.